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HABU Works

HABU is the acronym for "Highest and Best Use".  HABU Works designs and integrates technologically superior solutions capable of providing persistent situational awareness for all missions in any environment.  In conjunction with select contractors, HABU Works produces airborne ISR solutions capable of neutralizing both conventional and asymmetrical threats worldwide.

Team HABU - Group A


"Group A" is primarily focused on the design and integration of ultra high performance target acquistion and tracking technologies, COMINT/ELINT/

SIGINT/SAR/WAASS/LIDAR/IDMASINT sensors, and various weapons systems into comprehensive packages designed to meet all mission requirements.​


Team HABU - Group B

"Group B" is primarily focused on research and development (R&D) as well as the design and integration of components such as anti-ice systems and hybrid/electric drive-train units.  "Group B" has completed a Phase I development study for an Electric Propulsion Vehicle (EPV).

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